70 Years of TNT – Ken Kangaroo


Together with Etcetera we created a photoreal kangaroo to celebrate TNT’s 70th birthday. During a fierce internal sales competition Ken has been encouraging TNT’s sales department to get their best work out. This video could be personalized to fit all the client’s information so the sales team could send personal messages to their prospects. Another 12 videos were created to give weekly updates of the score. In the end the 70 best performing sales people were rewarded with a trip to Sydney, Australia, the place where it all began for TNT.





Photoreal Kangaroo

After finishing the football campaign for TNT, Etcetera reached out to us again for another TNT project. This time we were going to do things a little different. Because TNT would be celebrating it’s 70th birthday the creatives at Etcetera came up with the idea to go back to their roots. TNT was founded in Sydney Australia and therefore the idea of a kangaroo guiding people around Sydney came to mind.

For this campaign we developed a photo-real kangaroo that could move and talk like a human being, called Ken. This was all done using hair simulations and a joint based rig. In the end everything was composited into the footage which was shot in Sydney. Ken’s an enthusiastic kangaroo that steals the hearts of thousands.

Sales competition

An internal sales competition was setup with the ultimate reward for the 70 best performing sales people: a trip to Sydney, Australia and a place in TNT’s president club. To give the sales team a tool we developed a personalized video which they could send to their clients and prospects. We teamed up with Red Nun who provided the personalization while we animated a 45 second short of Ken Kangaroo telling people about all the best things Sydney has to offer.

Because of the size of the campaign and the popularity of Ken, more and more stills were requested. We delivered several different posters with Ken promoting the campaign.

Tom HankinsCreative Director

Weekly updates

To keep the sales teams performing on top of their game, weekly updates were sent to the contestants telling them what the top 3 of the week was. This was done at different locations in Sydney and with Ken encouraging them to keep going.


The crew that created this amazing kangaroo are here down under.


Tom Hankins & Roy Nieterau


Sven Stroomberg


Tom Hankins


Roy Nieterau


Tashina van Zwam

Sander Bultman

Danny Vos


Rik Schutte

Ebou Leigh

Max van der Ree


Vinny Portier

Bob Wijgman

Rodrigo Reinoso