Brush Busters

Making kids love brushing their teeth.

Bjorn the Big Tooth Viking spent too much time defending his village and not enough brushing his own teeth. Vicky the One Fang Vampire over-indulged in cranberry juice and one of her fangs broke-off as a consequence.

Philips Sonicare for Kids introduces the app Brush Busters, which is able to detect the Sonicare toothbrush and teaches children to brush their teeth in a playful way. On top of a children’s story, the app also contains information on kids’ brushing behavior for parents and dentists.





What are you doing? The battle isn't over yet.
Pick up your scrubber and brush!

Bjorn the VikingFamous Brush Busters animated tutor

Not only playing, but learning too

With the Philips Sonicare Brush Busters app children not only had fun brushing their teeth but they also learned how to do so. Together with the character of their choice they play twice a day in a routine that shows that with each 30 seconds they fight the germs on a different area in the mouth.

Aside of that parents are able to set achievements for their children when they have succeeded to continuously brush their teeth correctly, like a two week streak unlocking an achievement to go to the movies together as a reward.

Designing characters for kids that both genders love to play with

We believe any kid should be able to be whoever he or she wants to be. Nonetheless stereotypes have set forth the common misconception that girls only love barbies and boys favour action figures. From the beginning we set out to design characters that both genders would have no trouble feeling friendly with whoever they are. This means investigating stereotypes and playing around with the designs in such a way that they produce a fun story to kids as opposed to just another gender stereotype.

The designs are all meant to tell the story of someone who’s set back in their own community, like vikings or vampires, by having worse teeth than others. It’s up to you, as a kid, to team up and battle the tooth germs together.


With a crew that brushes their teeth as often as our crew does this was destined to be a success.
Thanks team for all the brushing and the amazing artwork too!


Tom Hankins & Roy Nieterau


Tom Hankins


Modeling / lookdev

Tom Hankins
Gijs van Kooten
Dewi de Bue
Wilrico Feenstra



Dewi de Bue
Wilrico Feenstra
Danny Vos

technical director

Roy Nieterau



Roy Nieterau
Gijs van Kooten


lighting / rendering / compositing

Tom Hankins





Superhero Cheesecake


Big Orange