Mr. Probz – I’m Right Here

Visualizing drama painterly in a 3D animated music video.

Tasked to make a narrative sequence that translated the pain and guilt of a break-up we set out to design an art style that would help to portray these shattered emotions. We came up with a painterly stylization that fit with the music as well as the story’s theme. It feels like an animated piece of art produced with painter’s brush.

This music video is for dutch hip-hop artist Mr. Probz and his song I’m right here. The music video quickly caught the eye of online blogs and also the companies that produce the 3D software we work with. The video got tweeted, posted and shared all over the web and was applauded for its visual achievement.

Within a short time we were not only able to explore a new art style but technically set it up in such a way that we could iterate.
It's mindblowing. This helped to really play around with the feel of the film.

Tom HankinsArt Director

Telling a story through metaphors

Directing an emotional music trailer can be difficult to match up with the beats of the soundtrack. In this case Mr Probz gave us a lot of freedom to play around with the storyline and really hit a slow pace that matched the feeling we wanted to pass along with the movie.

Early in the film we pass the “gun in the drawer” that sets the suspense. You start to wonder what has happened and what is going on. Quickly we push out to an explanation to just that, but taking that down into a different universe that sets out to tell the metaphor about fighting your own demons.

Developing a new unique art style

Early on in production we found out that the art direction we wanted to move into was not done before nor was it going to be a path of innovation that was readily laid out. So we sat down with the team together to brainstorm about the possible technical approaches to doing this.

We ended up writing our own code implementation in C++ that would scatter art directed strokes along the surfaces sampling an already composited raw layer. This allowed us to use our regular lighting and compositing routines to direct the film coloring and mood. Additionally using this technique we were able to quickly iterate the strokes as a “post-effect” in our 3D software, so that we could direct the density, roughness and length of the strokes on the surfaces in close collaboration with the directors.


Cheers to everyone on the team and the daily enthusiasm to push beyond the limits.


Gijs  van Kooten

technical director

Roy Nieterau

art director

Tom Hankins

modeling / lookdev

Tom Hankins
Gijs van Kooten
Tashina van Zwam
Rutgher Jousma
Nico Klaassen


lighting / rendering / compositing

Tom Hankins
Tashina van Zwam

production design

Joeri Lefévre



Edwin Schaap
Gijs van Kooten
Roy Nieterau
Esther Zuidgeest
Sander Bultman
Rutgher Jousma
Anna Kriegl

Prod by:

Craze & Hoax

Mixed by:

Laffree Audio Enhancement

Mastered by:

Mark B. Christensen (assisted by Benoit Holliger) at Engine Room Audio