Digitally handcrafted art pieces

A collection of beautifully detailed and unique souvenirs

While traveling, the constant thought in everyone’s mind is: what should I bring back home?

Colorbleed was asked to craft and showcase twenty objects from top-tier KLM destinations: a collection of 3D sculptures for the viewers to explore and play with. As always the care for details and digital craftsmanship shines in this project, making it easy for everyone to choose the perfect souvenir.





20 souvenirs to bring home

Bringing souvenirs to life


Our artists couldn’t wait to start collecting reference material and style examples, to recreate emblematic objects from around the world. From the sculpting to the rendering of materials, we absorbed the cultures and crafts and brought them to life. It simply wasn’t enough to have static objects, so we went one step further, and closer! The souvenirs can be inspected 360 degrees, with fly-throughs that showcase the tactile feel of the objects: from the veins in the chipped wood to the tiny imperfections on beaded necklaces.

Our aim was not only to produce an eye-catching array of 3D sculptures but also to extend the traveling experience of the viewers, that can recognize the craft of the places they visited through our work.

A key role in this project was in fact played by the ability of an artist to channel the culture of the artifact that we wanted to portray, and that takes a lot of skill to pull off.


There’s an I in iFly, but not in Teamwork!


Daniël Visscher


Patrick Blankenzee


Patrick Blankenzee

Fokke Mars

Melroy Smid

Stijn Konijn

Rogier Sikkema