Mean Bean Coffee Machine

A passion project from when we were hungry for caffeine.

From all the hectic and intense stuff we were creating on caffeine (and peanut butter sandwiches) we really got the urge to do something calm.

So why not promote the machinery that’s been giving us all that extra rush-hour power the whole time?

As doge would say: “So coffee. Much beans!”

Yup. No doubt about it. I saw it right away and said, "Yes, this is coffee." This is so real that if you say it's animated there crows no dog to it, as I would say.

Daniel VisscherOvercaffeinated Coffee Drinker

Perfection is in the details

When you focus on something that mimics lifelike objects it’s really up to the small details to avoid reaching an uncanney valley where you start disbelieving what you see. So we looked closely at what a real camera does when it captures a frame with a narrow depth of field. We noticed the cat’s eye bokeh around the edges and the slight details of scratches and dirt on the lens. From that moment on we spend this passion project on really investigating mimicking this “realness” of a real life photo so our animated films would appear just as real.

After some cups of coffee and quite a bit of research we implemented the things we learned into this passion project.

Telling your brand’s story

We won’t spill all the beans, but here’s one.

We believe any product has a story to tell and emotions to feel along with it. It just takes the right attitude at filmmaking to tell it right. Our directors have experience with taking the initial seed of an idea and make it flourish into an amazing film. With great care we select how we visualize the different aspects of what you’re trying to tell and ensure it sets the mood for your brand.



It’s not really only the coffee that helped to produce this.
So an amazing shout out to the talented team is more than appropriate!


Tom Hankins & Roy Nieterau

Art director

Tom Hankins


3D ANIMATION / simulation

Nico Klaassen
Gijs van Kooten


Technical director

Roy Nieterau


Lighting /  rendering / compositing

Tom Hankins



Chris Zabriskie