Say hello to AION

This furry friend is your best bet for investing and saving. Why? It’s A.I.!

Finance investment bank AION has a plan to save you money, harnessing the power of AI. To explain to us all how this would work they created a furry little creature, that jumps around collecting virtual coins.





Bank with the power of A.I.

Cuteness overload and smart investing in one package.

At the core of these commercials is the idea that AI makes better choices when it comes to investing. AION knows that and asked us to give life to their mascotte, so it can convince everyone else. With what? Cuteness and finance algorythms of course!
Our artists were thrilled to have a bouncy fluffy thing to play with, so here are a series of commercials explaining AI-powered finance where a purple cute thing is zooming around, sitting quite smugly, or simply saving you a ton of money.
Behind the nerdy glasses shines our dynamic fur simulation, that really does the trick in making the creature look soft, and enhancing the playful animation style with its lush movement.