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Bluey’s First Adventure

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To make flying with children an even more fun and magical experience we developed an animated childrens’ series for KLM and DDB & Tribal Amsterdam about KLM’s kid mascotte Bluey. The animated series starring Bluey as main character takes place in a colorful and vibrant world where every flight is an adventure.

This film is the first of a series of animations about Bluey. In this first episode Bluey, his father and his friend Windy have a spectacular adventure at a flower parade in Zundert.
Watch Bluey and the Flower Parade here.

We won 3 Bronze ADCN Awards!

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This year the the competition for ADCN awards was huge and only 51 awards went out. Together with Achtung! we were able to get nominated for 5 awards, and end up winning 3 Bronze! Sweet!

Our list of fame:
– Bronzen Bekroning Ledenjury voor Windcertificaten – Eneco
– Bronzen Bekroning Ledenjury voor Brush Busters – Philips
– Bronzen Bekroning Jury Digital Advertising & Digital Design voor Brush Busters – Philips

For more information on the winners:

Brush Busters nominated for 4 SpinAwards!

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We’re super excited. The Philips Sonicare Brush Busters campaign we developed for agency Achtung has been nominated for no less than 4 SpinAwards!

The Brush Busters campaign can be found in the following SpinAwards categories:

  • Mobile
  • Game
  • Design
  • Content

We’ll know by April 16th if we’re among the winners.

FWA Mobile of the Day
On October 4th, 2014 the Philips Brush Busters game was the FWA Mobile Of The Day!

It’s good to see the campaign is still getting attention.
And kids, keep on brushing!


Creative Flow for Teams (The Kick #10 Presentation)

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For the tenth edition of The Kick in Utrecht I was asked to give a small talk about our team’s workflow. Since I sincerely believe a lot of our creative output is based on the way we work with each other as a team I’ve decided to give a talk about Creative Flow for Teams.

After the presentation many people asked me to upload the slides so they could review it afterwards.
You can download the slides here:
The Kick #10: Creative Flow for Teams (Colorbleed)

If you saw us at HAFF/The Kick and didn’t get to talk to us even though you wanted to then drop us an e-mail and let’s get in touch! Or if you just have a coffee fetish you can also get your fix here.

Coffee Beans

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Check out this personal project the Colorbleed team has been working on the last few weeks.

From all the hectic and intense stuff we were creating on caffeine (and peanut butter sandwiches) we really got the urge to do something calm. So why not promote the machinery that’s been giving us all that extra rush-hour power the whole time?

Colorbleed Studio

Looking for interns!

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Welcome future interns!

If  you’re a student looking for an internship then keep on reading!
We’re looking for enthusiastic talent that would like to work in a small team where being a real team member actually means something.

What are we looking for?

  • Some sort of specialism. Are you focused on animation? Or maybe your goal is to get along with technical achievements. Without a clear skillset in mind it will be too hard to position you in the team. So we recommend writing out what your skills are and what you would like to learn and bring along in the theme.
  • Someone that is willing to take responsibility for the tasks that we assign. That way we can actually give you the freedom to use your artistic talent.
  • Passion for animation. In general it’s hard work, so a requirement is that you like doing what needs to be done. We would rather have someone eager to learn and hardworking than someone who knows the business but doesn’t really want to do anything in it.
  • An internship that is longer than 4 months at least.
  • Foreign students are required to search for housing themselves. We will try to help where possible but we do not have a location ready for your stay in the Netherlands.

So, have a look at our work and see if you like it. Then if you’re still interested send us your internship application.

Looking forward to working with you.

A music video for Mr. Probz

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Recently we created a music video for dutch hip-hop artist Mr. Probz and his song I’m right here.

We had the task to make a narrative sequence that translated the pain and guilt of a break-up. We came up with a painterly stylization that fit with the music as well as the story’s theme.

Check out the project: Mr Probz – I’m right here

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