Hi, we are Colorbleed.

We are animators and storytellers, crafting engaging characters and directing memorable stories that evoke emotion. As a global 3D animation studio we bring narratives to life – on steroids.

Our goal is to have the audience quit whatever they’re doing, take their attention and spark them with adventures they will not forget. Colorbleed exists to leave no story left untold.

The Goods

  • Concepting

  • Storyboarding

  • Character Design

  • Style Development

  • Animation

  • Visual Effects

  • Editing

  • Compositing

  • Color Grading

From Concept to delivery


Only have a rough idea? No worries! We can bring on board our experienced directors and designers to take your initial pitch to final film.

Our studio has the facilities to produce tailor-made works of art.

Finger-licking Character Designs


Our experienced character designers are able to craft striking appearances. Combined with a powerful 3D animation department – specializing in character acting and body mechanics – our team excels in creating memorable personalities. It’s kind of like our specialty.

Every frame a piece of art


From the idiosyncratic and absurd to the emotionally grappling, we meticulously design the style that fits your story.

Whether it’s stylized, photo-real or a visual effect perfected to the last minor detail, we treat every single frame in our work as a true piece of art.

Our Culture

It’s inspiritional to be among peers who love telling stories and don’t want to leave any story left untold. That’s Colorbleed. We believe that every story can be sparkling to your imagination when told the right way.

We have an open atmosphere and take up that same light friendliness to our communications with our clients. It’s not just getting us on board, but working closely together to produce the story you had only begun to imagine.

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