Recently we created a music video for dutch hip-hop artist Mr. Probz and his song I’m right here.

We had the task to make a narrative sequence that translated the pain and guilt of a break-up. We came up with a painterly stylization that fit with the music as well as the story’s theme.

Check out the project: Mr Probz – I’m right here


The visuals for this music video were very demanding of in-house resources, because we were under a very tight deadline and went somewhere we hadn’t been before. Through the last couple of years a variation of painterly techniques have appeared, yet there are only a few that push the limits of working within 3D. Our technique was totally based on the 3D scene and didn’t require any compositing post-work. This gave us an extra level of detail we could go for. Because of this we had to develop custom tools that ensured the project was viable within it’s scheduled production time of 8 weeks.


Because we knew that aiming for this new visual style would be time consuming we originally planned a 12 week production, yet the artist’s deadline forced it to a maximum of 8 weeks.

Weeks of production
Team members


The music video quickly caught the eye of online blogs and also the companies that produce the 3D software we work with. The video got tweeted, posted and shared all over the web and was applauded for its visual achievement.